Alchemy Complementry Therapies

Swedish Massage

For a Swedish Massage I select a massage oil appropriate for your skin type and condition. Sweet Almond is the most versatile, but Peach Kernel, Sunflower, Olive Oil or others may be selected or blended. A wide and safe range is still available for people with nut allergies.

Swedish Massage is very relaxing and has a positive effect on all body systems.  It promotes an increase in your circulation bringing in fresh oxygen and nutrients. It also removes the residual waste products left in muscles after sport or exertion.

Massage around joints helps to disperse fluid build-up and loosens and lubricates, thus easing all the aches and improving mobility.

The long sweeping strokes towards the heart assist the circulation, allowing the heart and breathing to relax while gently clearing the muscles and calming the sensory nerve endings which restore balance to the nervous system leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.