Alchemy Complementry Therapies

Indian Head Massage

Need to take time out for yourself?

Could your self-esteem do with a boost?

Treat yourself with this wonderfully relaxing therapy which is carried out while you are comfortably seated, listening to peaceful music.

Your shoulders, upper arms and neck receive a gently flowing massage through light clothes easing away aches and restoring suppleness to muscles and joints. An increased supply of oxygen and nutrition to the scalp and face promotes a glowing skin and glossy hair. You should notice a change after just a few sessions.

Facial massage also relieves eye-strain, sinusitis and headaches and is also helpful for tinnitus, TMJ, stress, high blood-pressure and insomnia.

According to Eastern beliefs Indian Head Massage also rebalances and integrates the three highest chakras and meridians. It certainly seems to promote healing, and gives a feeling of well-being throughout the whole body.